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BrowTricks Lips, Liner, Brows + VIP is ALL of the VIP Courses, PLUS Carries Lip Blush Course, and Pixeliner Course. This is ALL of Brow Tricks Courses for 1 year.  $65/month for 3 months.    

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Lip Blush
Mini Pixelshading Course
Mini Pixelblading Course
Pixelblading & Shading Masterclass
How to Numb Your Client
Touchups & Annual Color Boosts
Custom Flow Patterns & Flow Bootcamp
The Business & Marketing Side of PMU
How to Take & Edit Brow Photos
Pixeliner by Carrie D
Ombre Pixel Brows
Volume Lashing Course
Mapping 2 Ways & Consultations
Man Brows
Microblading Crisp Strokes & Retention
RemoveME Course
Color Theory
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